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You CAN Re-Tile Your Bathroom Yourself (with a little bit of help)

Re-Tile Your Bathroom

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Ok here’s the deal. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. It’s also the one we want to look it’s absolute best when company comes to visit. So we decide to update or modernize our bathrooms and this is one job many homeowners wish to do themselves, if for no other reason than to save money. The materials you choose to complete your project can make the difference between an ordinary bathroom and one that receives raves. A copper sink or bathtub is one way to make a bold statement. Copper has an enduring quality that improves with age. Combine that with a complimentary tile and you have a spa like bathroom that will bring you happiness for years to come!

Tiles – Can You Really Do Them Yourself?

The answer is YES! Inexperienced homeowners can do tile work, however you will want to take the time to enroll in a class at a local hardware store or watch a how-to video online, more than once I should note! If a copper sink is part of the equation, it is important to talk to professionals about its placement and your vanity options. Choosing a tile color and texture that compliments the copper is important for a unified and well-crafted look. The specialists at most tile stores, large home improvement stores and even your local hardware place will be happy to explain each step in this process. They can also help to assemble the tools and supplies necessary for any tile work.

How Much Should You Buy?

In this case you really will want to have an expert help to calculate the amount of tile required for the project. A drawing of the bathroom or kitchen with careful measurements will make these calculations more precise. Do not hesitate to ask questions when in doubt. The dimensions of the bathtub, vanity and other objects are subtracted from total wall space to be tiled. A good rule is to add 10 or 15 percent to the amount of tiles you estimated. This will take into account any unusually shaped pieces, broken or cracked tiles and well installation errors. The width of the spaces between the tiles needs to be part of the total measurements. Note that ceramic trim is measured by the foot due to the function and structure of this piece. Add an additional 15 percent to the total amount required when ordering trim as well.

Quality Counts

It is important to consider the big picture when tackling any home improvement job. Homeowners need to assess the work they can do themselves and the work to leave to a professional. You are going to want to look for high quality items and tile. Now while this may cost you in the beginning, in the long term the investment will be worth it.

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