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Full Length Oval Wall Mirrors Are Great for the Bathroom

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Every household, regardless of the social standing or size needs a full length mirror in addition to their regular bathroom mirror cabinets. Everybody wants to have an ideal of how they look before they get out of the house. Having large mirrors installed on the wall is the best way to perform a complete head to toe inspection.

There are different mirrors with different styles, each designed for specific use. Full length oval wall mirrors for example, are a good choice because they can be installed onto the wall or any door. The shape of the mirror is very attractive and saves space as it does not occupy as much space as their rectangular counterparts. The oval shape also adds some femininity to the mirror. Rectangular doors work just as well as oval mirrors but they require a little more room to hang them. Rectangular mirrors are also perfect for door installation because of the corresponding rectangular shape of the door.

Some of these mirrors are very easy to install as they do not need any drilling of holes for installation, they simply hung on doors. These mirrors are great for closet areas and the bathroom. While this is not the best method of using mirrors, it eliminates the need for drilling walls and doors. Look at different thicknesses and weights of mirrors before deciding to buy a particular mirror.

One advantage that wall mirrors have over free standing mirrors is that they do not take up as much space. Whether the mirror is fixed onto the wall or it hangs from a hook on a door, it will serve its purpose while taking up minimal space. Make sure that the hardware such as hooks and strings used to hold the mirror in place are strong enough to support the weight of the mirror.

By adding full length oval wall mirrors to homes, people will have an easy time conducting the final inspection before getting out of the house.