Why Install An Outdoor Sink or Shower?

There are many reasons to install an outdoor sink and there are also many different types of sinks that can be installed, depending on what your needs are.  One of the most popular types is an outdoor garden sink, which can be used for all types of gardening activities, including filling watering cans, potting flowers, and washing your hands when you are done with all of your gardening projects.  These sinks are often portable, being attached to a rolling cart with the sink only needing a garden hose to operate.  You can also opt instead for a more stationary sink that is attached to the side of the house and can be found in almost any material that is weather resistant, including stainless steel, copper, plastic, or porcelain.

In addition to sinks that are used for gardening, you can also install a sink to be utilized for food preparation and clean up and if used for this purpose, you can put the sink in an area near your grill or the area you have deemed as your kitchen outside.  For this purpose, you can install a regular size kitchen sink or you could use smaller sized bathroom sinks – either will serve its purpose well and take the same effort to install.

If you have plumbing pipes already running outside to supply water, then you might also want to consider installing a shower outside in addition to a sink.  Outdoor shower kits can be purchased that contain everything you need to build a basic shower outside, or to save money you might be able to find a used walk in shower enclosure, and the nice thing about having one installed is that you can leave all of the outside dirt where it belongs – outside.  Homeowners that have pools usually will have a shower installed so that bathers can easily clean off before entering the pool and after coming out, but even if you don’t have a pool, a shower can be a great way to keep all of the dirt that collects outdoors from entering your home.