What You Shouldn’t Do With a Brushed Nickel Towel Bar

Yes, they may be firmly secured to the wall but you have to bear in mind that there are limits to one’s capacity.  So to prolong the life of your beloved brushed nickel towel bar in your bath, take note of the following simple things to consider.

Brushed nickel towel bars are, as its name implies, towel holders.  Although not limited to towels alone, they could also be used for hanging clothes and other necessities that comprise a certain person’s bath artillery.  Habits differ and there are those who just can’t leave the bathroom shower wrapped in a towel alone.  Other bath accessories such as bathrobes can share spaces with other towels.  But never go beyond the line.  Just because your towel bar proves to be sturdy enough, it doesn’t give you reason to overload on stuff that you hang on these bars.  Bear in mind that aluminum bases are pliable and tend to bend upon application of excessive force, while the heavier metals could disintegrate from the wall if you use it for hanging heavier items.

Wet clothes are, as much as possible, not advisable.  While the fact remains that nickel has a high resistance to corrosion, it is still better to take the necessary measures to eliminate the probability of rust formation.  The first few tries would probably show you that it is indeed worth trying again because there is no evidence of corrosion.  But if this becomes a habit, the rust factor would not be impossible through time.

Anything heavy could pose as a threat to your towel bar.  These are not monkey bars for childish romps and not shoe rack hangers when you are running short of space in your room.  The longevity of your home pieces does not just rely on the product specifications on their packaging.  Proper use and treatment are key factors if you want them to last that long.