Installing Your Own Roman Tub Faucet

When you purchase a roman tub faucet, you are purchasing one of the premier faucets on the market and you are assured that if they are installed properly that you will have not only a attractive looking faucet but also a well working faucet for the money. If you do home projects often, installing one […]

Purchase A Single Hole Lavatory Faucet

While a single hole bathroom faucet can be a handsome addition to any new bathroom, a consideration of a few important bathroom features is a necessary prerequisite to purchase single hole lavatory faucets. Firstly, one must consider the bathroom vanity unit that is intended to work with the lavatory faucet, is it made for a […]

Defying Gravity With A Basement Toilet

Adding a small bathroom in your basement is a very good way to increase appeal and comfort to your house. It is ideal for people who loves to accept visitors and for growing families. You can avoid the hassle of waiting for your turn to use the bathroom. With the additional room in the basement, […]

Get to Know Your Plumbing Repair

In an ordinary day, when everything in your home works perfectly fine, you would rather spend your valuable time doing anything but plumbing repair. Unless you’re a plumber, or when all hell breaks loose in your bathroom sink, plumbing would seem to be the last thing on your mind. However, it would pay you to […]