Temporary vs Permanent Curtain Rods

If you’re beginning a bathroom project and get to the sizing of your shower curtain rods, you have a few options to think about and keep in mind when you do your actual shopping. Essentially, you can choose either a type of rod which is permanent, which connects to the walls by brackets, or temporary shower curtain rods which don’t need wall fixings when they connect to walls or ceilings.

Whichever option you choose though, they each have unique pros and cons. For permanent fixtures, having a fixed rod for the curtain makes it much more stable and wear ready. This type is also much better for heavier curtains which don’t have much risk of ever falling down (as long as someone knows how to install them or find a certified technician who can). The downside for this type is that they require much more work to install and leave permanent marks on walls when they’re removed.

On the contrary, the temporary rods don’t require any damage to walls when removed because they do not require brackets. The telescopic style ratchet set-up on these rods extend to the length needed to pressure it between two walls. It’s all held together by tension.

Though they’re easier on your home, temporary rods aren’t nearly as sturdy as permanent and may be pulled down easily. The temporary rod is much more of an advantage in a rental property because upon move-out, you will be able to remove the rod(s) quite easily without any damage to the existing property because of holes or screws

Whichever choice you make, it is important to consider which type you will use for your purposes. For landlords, you may opt to put in permanent, or none at all. In which case tenants can expect to go for the temporary kind.