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Frameless Shower Doors Review

Showerhead and frameless shower doors

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Nowadays, frameless shower doors are the hit compared to the other types of shower doors in the market. When studied and compared with framed ones, consumers and manufacturers found it to be very beneficial and advantageous and have zero cons. Maybe not all individuals have the capacity to get one since it is expensive but its durability and benefits are priceless.

Frameless shower doors are very easy to clean and to maintain. Using the correct cleaner, the glass will hastily return to its natural, tidy appearance again just like the first time it was newly installed. Also when thinking of selling your house, be reminded that two areas inside the house that will always catch the buyer’s attention are the kitchen and the bathroom amenities. If you have a well-managed kitchen and a tidy bathroom with the aid of your gleaming walk in shower doors, then you can be assured that such buyer will certainly put your house on their list. Shower doors come in different sizes and thickness. The size will be matched to the area where it will be installed and also to the shape of your walk in shower enclosure. On the other hand, the thickness available for the glasses is 3/8 inches and ½ inches. The thicker one is more expensive compared to the thinner one however you can count on its durability. Furthermore thick glass shower doors are not easily toppled down by human force and you can also save money from constantly buying glasses due to eventual corrosion. A frameless shower door is also typically very heavy considering its weight which is usually at 70 pounds while framed ones are usually at 40-50 pounds only. Frameless ones are typically priced at $500-$600 and maybe more depending of its thickness while framed ones are only below $500 and some can be self-installed. Although framed ones are indeed budget friendly, be reminded that it is not as lasting as frameless ones so you will still incur additional money eventually.