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Is Bathroom Wall Paneling A Better Investment Than Wall Tiles?

Many homeowners who are redecorating their bathrooms struggle with whether they should install bathroom wall paneling or wall tiles in their bath and walk in shower area. Each of these wall coverings offer their own set of positives and negatives, and understanding how they stack up against one another can make the decision easier. Before you begin the installation of either one in your new bathroom, consider what your priorities are in determining which material is better suited for your bathroom decor.

Though wall tiles will take longer to install, they allow more room for customization. With tiles, one can create their own intricate designs on the walls of their bathrooms, bringing their own personal style into the space. In contrast, bathroom panels are typically a single color and work best for those who are not interested in having a complicated design scheme in their bathroom decorations.

In terms of cost, the cheaper of the two options really depends on the type of wall tiles that you are considering. Tile can be quite expensive, but it is possible to find very cheap tile outlets in most parts of the country. The prices for paneling are generally pretty standard, and it is typically one of the most cost effective ways to cover your bathroom walls.

One of the biggest selling points for bathroom wall paneling is how little time it takes to install. As opposed to smaller tiles, which must be affixed to the wall one by one, this paneling can go on in large sheets. Whether you are doing the job yourself or hiring a contractor, this ease of installation can be a big selling point for many.

Making the right decision between bathroom wall paneling and wall tiles depends on your expectations of the final product and the amount of time that you are willing to spend in getting there. If you are hoping to do the job quickly, investing in some panel may be the better option.