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Stylish Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom

What once was only a utilitarian room in the home has now become a focal point. Bathrooms are now looked upon as luxurious retreats for the occupants of the home and for guests, as well. However, when it comes to figuring out the bathroom decor, you may feel as though there simply isn’t enough room. Perhaps the bath is outdated and you don’t know how to bring it current with your intended budget. The good news is that there are many tips that can help you create a space that’s both stylish and functional. Consider the following:

#1 Take Care of the Master Bath First

This is the one that will provide you with a respite at the end of a busy day. You can relax in comfort and style, but that does not mean you have to spend a fortune on bathroom decorations. One of the most common upgrades to such a bath is a whirlpool tub or a roomy walk in shower. These are not only great choices to add to your comfort level, but it can also increase the overall value of your home. If your current master bath has outdated fixtures or if there simply isn’t room to include such a tub or a shower, you may want to contact a contractor to see what they suggest. Most are more than willing to give you advice, but free estimates, as well.

It’s also a bit easier to decide on the style and ambiance of the bath. Since your guests will generally not be in this room, you can add the special touches that you really want. For instance, if you love those garish pink area rugs, there’s no reason not to include one of them in your decorating plans!

#2 Keep the Guest Bath Simple

If you are on a budget when decorating, it’s best to use most of your budget on your master bath. You can still create a pretty guest bathroom, even though it may not be as luxurious as the master bath is. Many small bathrooms or half baths are used as guest bathrooms. If you will be replacing the flooring, consider using specialty flooring. Generally, these are smaller floors in terms of area, so it’s not much to have a great floor installed. Choose a paint that compliments the flooring. Wallpaper is usually more expensive and it can be difficult to hang in small spaces. Instead of using wallpaper borders, consider using small pieces of tile or stencils to create a unique border. Add accents that complement the colors that are already there. For example, towel bar, mirrors, wall decorations, and towels can add a lot of style to a smaller guest bathroom.

#3 Pull It All Together

One of the most important components of a bath is to keep the same theme flowing throughout the room. Luxury shower curtains, window treatments, commode sets, and linens should all complement each other. This doesn’t mean that the same style or color has to be used; in fact contrasting colors often work quite well. It does mean that you don’t want a western theme shower curtain and pictures of urban Paris on the walls.

In Closing

It’s easier than you might think to decorate a bath when you keep the above tips in mind. Keep the theme throughout, add great accent pieces, and choose a great floor. Best wishes on your decorating project!

Easy Bathroom Decor Ideas

Private bathroom (Thailand).

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Creating a new design for a room can be a fun and rewarding project to undertake. One room that has a lot of different themed options is the bathroom. The particular bathroom decorations you decide to use should reflect the theme you are using for the rest of the items in your room. When designing a bathroom it is best to start with all your large main pieces and work your way to the smaller accent items. If you choose a shower curtain with seashells, you might select a wastebasket with seashell images on it and a shell shaped soap holder.

You can then continue your bathroom decor by adding some authentic shells that are often placed in decorative containers such as glass bottles. You might select a tissue holder that also uses a shell motif in its design. Of course, you don’t want just one item to overpower your theme so you can choose bathroom decorations that reflect other areas of the sea as well. A few beach or tropical island pictures hung on the wall will reflect your overall theme nicely. You could also select statues of mermaids and seahorses to compliment the other items in your designer bathroom.



When it comes to bathroom decor ideas, you can use almost any type of color scheme. Once you decide on your theme and choose your main colored items, you will want to keep with the original colors in all of the other objects you choose. A nautical theme may incorporate bold colors of blue red and white with complimentary colors of light blue and gray. The seashell theme might use neutral colors of beige tan and peach with accenting shades of light green and gold. If the room has a lot of imagery used in the objects, you might want to use a solid color on your walls.

Decorating a stylish bathroom for adults will be different than creating one for children. In the line of children’s items you will see many themed products that use storybook characters as their images. It is easy to purchase all of the major components with the same image line for the child’s bathroom. The decorations can be various figurines and toys that are in keeping with the specific character theme. These collections are often available for use in adult bathrooms as well. A collection may include the shower curtain, window curtains, wastebasket, carpets and towels all with the same theme.