Steam Showers for Today’s Home Bathroom

One of the ultimate luxuries for today’s modern bathroom is the steam shower. While being somewhat common in more luxurious hotels and spas they are not that common in most homes. They are also not a new item as they date back to ancient times when the Greeks used steam bathes or saunas.

Steam showers are great for reliving stress and relaxing tired muscles, but did you also know that they are used to relieve other health problems such as sinus problems and joint stiffness, they are also good for arthritis and people with dry skin. They cause the sweat glands to open up which causes you to sweat out a lot of the bodies’ toxins. Most people would not like the idea of causing your self to sweat but it would actually give you an invigorating experience. Just a half hour spent in a steam bath can give you a totally relaxed feeling.

With the cost vs. reward ration for a steam shower coming down a lot of people are deciding that they would like to have one installed in their own homes. The installation is not that hard and people are finding that it’s not that expensive. The first thing to do would be to consult with a plumber and an electrician to find out if there are any hidden problems with the installation in your bathroom. You will find that just about any home can have one. one conclusion that many homeowner jump to is that the excessive steam will cause a problem with humidity build up leading to mold growth. But if you stop and think about it if there is a bathroom shower already installed in the bathroom there will not be much more humidity than what is already produced.

If you do decide to install one it will require an enclosed space to hold in the steam, such as an enclosed shower. You can also buy a new steam shower enclosure with multiple shower and steam jets already built in as well as other amenities. You can have the steam generator unit its self installed remotely if you don’t want it in your bathroom. It can be placed up to 40 feet away. If you have a utility room next to the bathroom that would be ideal. The steam generator however will require an electrical connection as well as a drain line.

You will be spending some time in your steam shower so don’t forget to add some accessories such as a seat and lighting. Don’t however place your seat too close to the steam jet as you don’t want to be scalded.

When you start to dream of a steam shower have a look online to compare prices and features. There are a lot of discounts to be had especially on last year’s models. You will be able to find many different styles and designs, from infrared units to portable units. When it comes to buying a new steam shower for your home the choice is yours.