All about Mold Removal

Mold is a fact of life and all houses are susceptible to it. The presence of mold can really have a severe impact on your health and well being so it’s important you don’t ignore it and that you deal with it in the correct way. This article is going to explain to you a few things about mold removal, the dangers of mold and suggest some things you can do to try and avoid it spreading. It’s is crucial that you take immediate action as soon as you discover the fungus in your home because it can spread rather quickly and there’s no way of telling how severe it is at first sight because in some cases it can even effect the weight bearing beams and columns of your home.

If you are doing your own inspection for mold growing in your home start with areas that are moist and warm. These are two requirements for mold to grow. That is why it is most often found in bathrooms or basements. Places to look for mold are in a walk in shower, especially around the shower door where it is hard to clean, and around bathroom plumbing which might develop a leak, or have condensation. Also check any tiled areas in the bathroom especially the grouting, use a good grout cleaner to keep mold growth down.

There have been over 40 separate lung and repertory conditions identified to be directly linked to mold. Symptoms vary from person to person but can included dizziness, flu, vomiting and severe headaches. One of the most severe forms of this fungus is black mold; it is extremely toxic and is capable of killing babies and infants. Other types of fungus such as pink mold aren’t as toxic and can be removed quite easily without the need to hire professionals.

Mold removal and treatment can be dealt with in a number of ways. If you’re dealing with pink mold you can mix cap full of bleach into a spray can full of water and apply this to the affected areas, this solution even works on shower doors. In most cases this will be more than adequate to kill the fungus and stop it from spreading. Just be sure to put rubber gloves on before you try and scrub the mold away.

When dealing with more serious cases of black mold you should definitely hire a certified company to come to your house and address the issue. Often times the professionals can spot where any structural damage has occurred and can rectify the problem before it gets any worse.